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Compliment your float with our must-have summer accessories. From electric pump's through to cooler bags and other water-safe additions.


Are they inflatable?

Yep! 鈥 Our pontoons are fully inflatable using either our hand pump or electric pump. Meaning they are compact when not being used, however very sturdy when in action.

How small do they pack down?

All our pontoons pack down into our iconic blue carry bags which are included with every purchase. Please refer to deflated dimensions for product specific dimensions.

Won鈥檛 my pontoon blow away?

No! Our pontoons have D-Rings on the bottom of them which can be used as anchor points, to tether to the back of your boat, or to tie up to your mate鈥檚 pontoon!

How much should I pump my pontoon up?

We recommend 6-8 psi for all of our pontoons, including the back rest for the harbour.

How am I supposed to get out of the water back onto the Dock?

All our docks have two d-rings where you can attach our ladder, which is sold separately.

How stable are they on the water?

Check us out on Instagram! We have had people set up tables and chairs on their docks, we鈥檝e had people use them as semi-permanent docks out the front of their house and have had an event where we had 40 people on one dock!

How long do they stay inflated?

If you intend on keeping your B贸ia inflated for extended periods of time, we recommend topping it up with air every 72 hours to ensure it stays firm.